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        TeleRPM BGM(BLE) 2022

        Officially on sale: December 1st, 2022

        Hub and App can be linked

        The results of TeleRPM BGM(BLE) 2022 can be automatically sent to the service system through the Hub so that you can obtain real-time blood glucose monitoring results; TeleRPM BGM(BLE) 2022's blood sugar results can be automatically sent to your application to record your blood sugar levels in real time. Also, your doctor can better manage your blood sugar levels according to it.

        Advanced accuracy

        A recent independent clinical study conducted shows that TeleRPM BGM(BLE) 2022's all results are within ±15% of the YSI plasma results, which is fully compliant with current FDA standards.

        Wide HCT range: HCT 20-70%

        Rechargeable lithium battery, more portable.

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